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Stylefellow is a lifestyle online media about men's and women's clothing, wristwatches and jewellery, housing and a stylish life that reaches over a hundred thousand Finns every month. We are well-known for their high quality and content-rich content, as well as active event collaboration, most notably the media partnership of the Finnish Concours d'Elegance event.

Stylefellow offers advertisers numerous opportunities to show and belong to a quality-conscious and purchasing power target group. Based on our experience, the best results are achieved through long-term collaboration that includes high quality articles, videos and social media activities.
Stylefellow is the leading Finnish online media that combines clothing and watches seamlessly into lifestyle.


Legendaryevent lives

Stylefellow is known for entertaining and highly popular social media live broadcasts from Baselworld and other watch events combined with real-time content creation. Live broadcasts are not boring because they bring the viewers to the event and they are given the opportunity to guide where the Stylefellow's host will go next or what he or she asks.

A good example of Stylefellow's real-time content production was Raymond Weil's "Experience the Art of Watchmaking" course, which was reflected in the online magazine as an up-to-date article, social media postings, and Facebook live broadcast.

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Stylefellow is the largest online media in Finland to reach quality-conscious Finnish consumers who want to invest in themselves. We own several popular online communities with a high degree of engagement.

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70 % male readers

Our men readers are especially interested in wristwatches, business and formal clothing and shoes. The most significant group is the 25-45-year-olds.

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30 % female readers

Our women readers are especially interested in wristwatches, jewellery, business clothing and decoration. The most significant group is the 25-45-year-olds.



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